Ambient Abstractions began in 2005 to serve as an independent platform for music.

More than a record label, Ambient Abstractions has served as a launching pad, a place for someone to come through and release an album, a place to grow and learn. An entire way of being.

The story begins in the early 2000s when Malakai Beats and Still Doe started making music, first the group Dream is Destiny then following it up with Defcon 5, which remained for several years under various guises, combining efforts with other artists the two had met and worked with during this time including OG Defcon 5 member Skizm, Juggalo homies, local and non-local homies, friends and acquaintances, producer X-Caliber, etc. Defcon 5 had a couple house party shows and released a few albums, EPs and mixtapes.

Still Doe emerged as a prominent solo artist self-releasing dozens of albums, later creating Record Breakers with emcee Havok. Malakai Beats produced and engineered Ambient Abstractions artists such as Lucky Rhymes and Salvador Crazy 20, teaming up with Coco Joe, emcee Kleptic and others doing demos and freestyling.

In 2011 Ambient Abstractions linked up with Saints and Sinners Productions, started by Magus The Great aka Mage, including such artists and affiliates as Words Babylon, Felons Inc. and JxPx and Tha Relapz Krew. The two forces working as collaborators merged, creating the powerhouse of awesome and inspiration that became Ambient Abstractions in the 2010s.

Ambient Abstractions became a home for unique and talented artists such as emcee and producer Chucklez aka Chill Scott, vocalist Little Mountain, rapper Zero Caige, Maple Systems Road and emcee Wrec, releasing and promoting songs, demos, projects and albums in multiple genres and collaborating with other groups and acquaintances.

Many shows went down. Ambient rocked the Red Hat in Concord, California on more than one occasion. Also performing in Oakland, Sacramento, Albany, Santa Cruz, Orangevale, Auburn, Pinole, Fresno, and basically all over the state. The group The Sideshow traveled to Detroit to rock a show.

2013-2017 saw a steady stream of releases. Also during this time we brought on our first international artist Ape Corporation from Portugal.

Ambient Abstractions continues to drop and promote music and art while also promoting a strong and fiercely independent DIY attitude.