Ape Corporation

Ape Corporation is the brainchild of Portuguese musician José Raeiro. It all began back in 1998 when he got his hands on an old Soundblaster card and was able to record using multitracks. His mini CasioTone and an old cheap classic guitar were more than enough.

With a solid background in science (astrophysics) he’s very keen about the interconnectedness of Art&Science. Not only because this is an untrodden path but also because he wants to get invited to the sort of parties that only artists throw.

He’s currently out for lunch, but upon return he will finish his Open Source Muzick manifesto. As a lover of freedom he only uses FLOSS ( free/libre and open-source software ) to make his tunes. So you can steal his work for whatever ends you want, as long as you maintain the results under the GNU/GPL license.

Eat all you can.