JxPx E.P.


“I created this project (Tha Relapz Krew) moving on from Felonsinc (https://www.facebook.com/felonsinc) @ a time when a friendship failed yet others had grown or had started. My curse is I am an introvert, yet the people I work w/ are helping me break that curse to a point, also I am not a Rapper! (I leave that to those who claim they are, which we find otherwise a joke lol), I dig all muzik that came of/into the Felonsinc project & learned how to “rap” during the recordings & Open Mics @ Timeout in Concord, plus seeing the talent of all the other artists out there really pushed me to step my game up. Now moving from “Tha Relapz Krew” to “The JxPx Evolutionary Project” I can take all that I have learned from the past, from losing friends to addiction & w/ no limitations I march on!! Free Spirit & Open Minds. I cannot be placed in one genre; I need flavor & variety & one more thing I FUCKING LUV PUNK ROCK, gritty raw and true structure or formula. This has been & will always stand as my muzikal backbone & (as much as we all need it or want it!) It’s not about money or bling, my shit will stay free until I have a TRUE following (but there will ALWAYS be free downloads on Singles & bonus shit… if… I do get to a professional level, but until then DIY & FTI, this is UNDERGROUND EAST BAY/SKUNX MUZIK!!!!! In a time where everyone wants to be ‘rockstars’ I work my 9 to 5 & will keep writing & performing when I can. & Wish my Ambient Brothers to take over tha world as the mix of misfits we are. The JxPx Evolution Project (JxPx E.P.) The name change from Tha Relapz Krew is to my sobering up (loser drug issues now gone) & moving in a different direction in my life, work, family & muzik, I am not a major label band or musician so therefore I see no issue in this & growing. Some of the old muzik will filter over thru this; my main logo will stand as is & As long as allowed I will always be a part of Ambient Abstractions. OneloveNamesteBlessed: JxPx”