Somewhere hidden in the midst of a scene filled with wannabe gangsters, ballers and serial killers lies a piece of light attempting to remind the world that art is still relevant. This mass of mediocrity that has consumed the art and music world has devolved society into mindless, materialistic drones who lack the attention span to listen to a song or read or even think for longer than 30 seconds. Mage aka Magus The Great is the antithesis of this refuse. This is the evolution of art, free from commercial influence. Refining self sufficiency and self production to an art-form, Mage provides all forms of professional quality to the self made, self described alien cult, Ambient Abstractions, from sound and image productions to high speed, highly technical verses to melodic and rhythmic vocals to devastating rock, metal, hip hop and techno sounds. The mastermind has and does it all from somewhere deep in the Northern California foothills, helmed in the appropriately titled House of Doom surrounded by some of California’s most beautiful forests and biggest cannabis and fruit crops. Ambient Abstractions and Magus The Great have set out to conquer first the country, then the world and finally the universe.