Still Doe


Still Doe born Jason Hunt started making music in 2002 with Malakai Beats they had formed multiple groups such as “Ghosts Of Martinez,” & “DreamIsDestiny” through 2004 & 2007 one group they had continued to push the most was “Defcon 5” giving birth to Ambient Abstractions. Early 2007 Malakai Beats and Still Doe stopped making music together for close to 4 years. In 2008 Jon Doe felt he needed to change his name and came up with Still Doe “Still Jon Doe.” January 2011 Still Doe & Malakai Beats reconciled and a mutual decision that it would be a good idea to bring back Ambient Abstractions. Still Doe had been working with like minded artists in the same area prior to the return, after talking about it they decided to ask these fellow artist’s to team up and be apart of Ambient Abstractions. To date Still Doe has released over 30+ basement albums in the last few years a lot of which nobody has heard before. They are to some a myth like Big Foot, The Lochness Monster, or even Aliens. So in the mean time you better watch out for what Still Doe and the rest of the Ambient Abstractions crew has in-store for you and the rest of the world. Drink the kool-aid.