Words Babylon


A long time ago in a galaxy far far away……….
Deep in space the populace of planet earth are bombarded with repetitive droning songs of stereotypical mediocrity and limited expression. The inhabitants of this dying planet knew what the problem was…. They lived in a world devoid of imagination and creativity, a place where everybody does the same thing over and over continuously for a reason they never comprehend or agree with. Enter: Words Babylon: The magical beatboxing smartass sarcastic rapping starving artist from a time still unclear to him… He doesn’t know how to get home or even where his home is or how he gets there to begin with, but he seems to illuminate his purpose and reasons to exist when he makes music, so he fights back the only way he knows how … with sonic blasting crunching soundwaves and profound sentences that offer perspective to the disoriented masses. By 2012 he knows he will have maintained peace until 3030 but that’s another story.